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History of Rayan Saipa Leasing Co


Rayan Saipa Leasing Company (RSLC) started operating as a holding company with two subsidiary companies in 2001. The company's main activities involve providing financial facilities to buyers of new Saipa-manufactured passenger cars and light /heavy commercial vehicles

Joining the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) in February 2005 and having stock symbol of VALSAPA brought us a new perspective to achieve a profitable and sustainable competitive advantage. It gave RSLC as the first company authorized by the Central Bank of Iran for leasing activity, the ability to lead itself to a degree of highly recognized company among other leasing companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange index

Today, the company's registered capital is $107,619,048. But according to the recent Shareholders Extraordinary General Assembly's approval and the TSE's permission the current registered capital will be increased to $215,238,096 in the very near future

The suitable combination of our financial products and services, adopting credit rating procedures and debt collection controls, employing highly mechanized systems throughout the company, developing internal business strengths and externally capture opportunities to create profits are all examples of our core competencies that made us as a leading company in the leasing industry in Iran

Due to above-mentioned points, RSLC has been awarded Rank 166 in the 2015 annual ranking of top 500 Iranian companies

Furthermore, according to the TSE's announcement, RSLC had been on the list of top 30 most active stocks for the second quarter of 2017

Profitability and achieving sustainable competitive advantage for shareholders have led the way to create business development strategy enabling us to be realized as a dynamic and prestigious company. Of course, all these progresses gained by the assistance of innovation and novelty we always welcome, team working and the other current values and ethics

RSLC strategic planning as approved by the Board of Directors opened a new perspective for our shareholders and beneficiaries amid actively persuaded us to work hard to receive numerous awards and

recognition over the last few years.  Thus, we have honored to receive


"ISO 9001-2008 certification" from International Quality Network (IQNet) and DQS GmbH

"Recognized for Excellence Award" from International Quality Network of DQS GmbH in accordance with the Excellence Model of EFQM/IBEC

"Committed for Excellence Award" from Iran National Productivity Institution

"Excellence Gold Plate Award" in the first assessment process made by the Saipa Group specialists

"Letter of Appreciation" from Iran National Festival of Efficiency, DS4 Certificate of Human Resources Management between Saipa Group companies and 5-year Leasing Final Approval from the Central

Bank of Iran

In the meantime, RSLC was assigned as a stable leasing company in asset quality, capital adequacy, liquidation and profitability in a global class by Capital Intelligence Credit Analysis & Ratings Company



Rayan Saipa leasing introduced

Rayan Saipa leasing introduced



The planned 1393 transfer car installments up to 25% of Group Saipa have in mind

The advantages of granted projects Rayan Saipa automobile installment
     The facility, term of repayment and conditions
     Benefit from the second hull insurance installments and no commission
     Vehicle deliveries in the fastest time possible
     Sign up through a vast network of dealers across the country Saipa
     A variety of products Assignment